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The editorial responsibility for the offers of is by the European Institute for Innovation (EIFI) e.V.


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European Insitute for Innovation (EIFI) e.V.

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Rathausstraße 1

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Legal advice

The European Institute for Innovation (in this text furtheron named EIFI) is by steady actualisation willing to care for the validity and actuality for all on its Web-Site kept informations and datas. For possible text errors, as for validity and actuality of the coentries EIFI gives no warrants or liability. The contents on this site are under coypright. Duplications and other usages of information or data, especially texts, text parts or pictures, need, if not otherwise noted, the prior consent of the Institute. The use of all information or data and every other connected conducts, countenances or forbornings underlies solely egislation. Place of delivery and solely place of jurisdication is Osterholz-Scharmbeck.


EIFI provides on its LearnDesk-Site Links to other Internet offers. Links to external information providers are denoted by the opening of a new Browser-window. EIFI isn´t responsible for the contens of these Web-Site, whose are accessible by such a connection. The on these Sites  statements and/or assertion lay in the solely responsibility of the respective author, and don not reflect the mind of EIFI . For all these links applies: EIFI as publisher accents empathically, that it has no influence on the design and the contents of the linked sites. Therefore it dissociates itself strongly from all contens of all sites in the whole that the internet offers. This declaration counts for all on the websites applied links, and for all contents, und or all contens of the sites, to which links lead." (s. verdict of  Mai 12th, 1998 by the Landgericht Hamburg).

Please note for the possibility for the access to electronic communication

EIFI offers possibilities for electronic communication. For the range of administration procedures the electronic communication complies with  § 3 a of the administration procedure law. Therefore, the transmission of electronic documents is permissible, as far as the receiver has estabished an access for this documents. EIFI has a correspondending acces under following technicalf Frame: Mailadressen For electronic communication by E-Mail, the E-Mail adress u.mueller(at)osterholz-scharmbeck(dot)de is equipped. Above you find in our Internet offer more E-Mail adresses for single project partners or persons. On this adresses, you can send E-Mails too.

File Formats

If you want to send E-Mails with file attachments to EIFI, so please consider, that EIFI cannot support all current file formats and applications. Following file formats can be handled, if they don´t carry macros: - Word for Windows (*.doc, *.docx, Version Word 97 to 2010) - Excel for Windows (*.xls, *.xlsx, Version Excel 97 bis 2010) - Portable Document Format (*.pdf) - Textdateien im Format ANSI (*.txt) - Rich Text Format (*.rtf) - Joint Photographic Expert Group (*.jpg) - Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif) - Tag Image File Format (*.tif) - Bitmap Pictures (*.bmp) If You use others formats, your mail cannot be handled.

Please note, that the list will be constantly acutalized. Mails with file attachments, that contain Makros or else executable files, wont´be handeld. Mails, whose size exceeds 5 MB, won´t be accepted.


EIFI cannot decipher coded Mails for technical and and organisatorical reasons. If you want to send , please use the written form.


For technical and organisatorical reasons, EIFI cannot currently check elektronical signatures on validity and significance. This entails, that you can´t send us documents, that requiere the wirtten form,  in electronic form. Therfore we appeal to you the cases to use paper-bound communication. These advices count only for the communication wth EIFI and do not count for third, as like other boards. If a mail can´t be handled, you will be informed bei the receiver. This case may be triggered by computer viruses, common technical problems or deviations from the technical parameters.