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Lindberg Skola

The Lindberg’s school is one of the schools where the Learn-desk will be developed and tested. The schools have started the use of learning platforms and the development processes concerning the use of ICT in education are moving on.
Lindberg’s school is a pre-school class to 9th grade school (F-9, age 6-15) and has about 435 pupils. Lindberg's school is organized in two F-6 tracks that come together in a "bottleneck" with a 7th, 8th and 9th grade. The teachers are working in teams (arbetslag) and the Lindberg's school has four F-6 teams and two 7-9 teams.
A large part of the school's development work has been about, and will deal with, Lindebergs school's growing and developing to a F-9 school.
Different subject competencies and different teaching professional roles are represented in each track. The organization is vertical. Teachers encounter and follow students over many years – which enable us to successfully manage to follow students' development. With the curriculum, syllabus and grading criteria as a basis, we work to create our holistic approach to student learning. We are interdisciplinary and with flexible schedules.
"All pupils should, upon leaving Lindebergs school, feel they are ready and excited for the continuation of life and their future learning."
This vision is our guiding light as we together on the basis of policy documents and mission statements are working to continuously develop our F-9 school.