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Peder Skrivares Skola

The upper secondary school is one of two schools where the project will be developed and tested. The school has already begun the development of new ways to give students support in their studies. That development will be a parallel process that can give input to this project as well as the other way.
The school also include programme for adult education (komvux). That connection enables the project results to extend to that part of the educational system too.
The upper secondary school is a voluntary form of schooling that prepares students both for work and further studies. Its main task is to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and democratic values. The school must also be designed in accordance with democratic principles and give students control over their own learning. Activities in our secondary school include 18 national and custom-designed programmes. The responsibilities of the programmes are currently spread over six programme principals. The school management team consists of a school director, six programme principals and also a principal for adult education and a principal for the education of teenagers with learning disabilities.