Partners Germany / Volkshochschule Osterholz- Scharmbeck, Hambergen, Schwanewede e.V.

Volkshochschule Osterholz- Scharmbeck, Hambergen, Schwanewede e.V.

“Volkshochschule Osterholz-Scharmbeck / Hambergen / Schwanewede e.V. (VHS)" is a part of the new Campus as a space for life long learning in Osterholz- Scharmbeck. The organisation will assist to the organisation of the planned workshops and test the usability of the lean desk concept in adult education especially for parents and educational staff.sysext/cms/layout/db_layout.php?id=45#

“Volkshochschule Osterholz-Scharmbeck / Hambergen / Schwanewede e.V. (VHS)" is the oldest adult education and training establishment in Osterholz, and was founded in 1946. As a central institution for education, training and communication, the organisation works according to the principles of public benefit. Legally, the organisation is an independent association. The organisation conducts approximately 10.000 hours annually with more than 4.000 participants. Approximately 120 lecturers and instructors teach the courses and seminars. A particular profile of VHS lays in the range of professional training for professionals in elementary and primary education as well as specific offers for parents.