Partners Germany / Haupt-und Realschule im Lernhaus Osterholz

Haupt-und Realschule at "Lernhaus im Campus" Osterholz-Scharmbeck

Realschule Osterholz- Scharmbeck is active in all modules of the project. It defines the requirements for a learn- desk in the context of the didactic model which is actually under development and which is implemented since August 2010. Teachers from the school cooperate with Swedish teachers on the development of a learn-desk concept. They adapt the concept to the German situation and implement it for testing. Later they will evaluate the experiences with the tool and help to disseminate the project findings to colleagues in other schools of the region.

Realschule Osterholz- Scharmbeck participates in the project as school partner. The school is actually developing a new concept which is based on the principle of self responsible learning in a new form of learn landscapes without classrooms. All pupils of one age group will be taught together in such a learn landscape which consists of various open learning spaces for individuals or groups of learners. IT based learning will have a high relevance in this concept since it allows flexible and individually customized teaching materials for students. The development of IT skills and the use of IT in learning had a high priority at the school in the past. These experiences are crucial prerequisites for further developing the IT use in the new learn environment. The concept of a learn- desk as means for supporting IT based self- learning of students is expected to become an important element of the new didactic model which is actually developed for the new school. The cooperation with the Swedish schools will offer a unique chance to develop this support model together with teachers who have already several years of practice with similar forms of learning and organisation of school.