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Varberg Kommune

The Office for Childcare and Education is the primary contact to the lead partner and the local partners. Locally it is the primary support to the schools that will be local partner and developing environment for the project product. The office is also a guarantor for further dissemination to the other schools in Varberg and to other organisations. The Office for childcare and education has the horizontal responsibility for all childcare and education in Varbergs municipality. The office works after goals and economic frames laid down by the political Board of childcare and education. That includes, among others, the development of the educational and pedagogical areas together with principal and teachers. At the office there is expertise concerning i.e. economics, pedagogical and educational development, school environment (both in door and out door), law and school leadership. In Varberg there are 25 municipal elementary schools that are structured after the model F-9 school (age 6-15). This means that the pupils attend the same school for ten years. The teachers are working in a school free from age levels and they are divided into teams. Teachers may follow the student for many years and students are more likely to be seen by the teachers. The well-being is getting better and every pupils have more opportunity to get behind its pre-close connections and talent. The teachers must also adapt the coaching to the individual level of maturity. There is also one upper secondary school in the municipality management.
During the last years the schools have started to use ICT in education. There is a well enshrined support organisation for the use of ICT and the teachers have, in different extent, started to use the computer and Internet as tools in the education and communication with the pupils and students.